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"The Hydrating facial left my skin feeling and looking incredible. Added with the beautiful hand, arm, neck and shoulder massage meant I left feeling so relaxed and pampered. Thanks."
Kylie - Kotara

"Julie the shiatsu was great… My neck and lower back have not felt this good for years; I'll be back in 6 weeks to carry on the good work. Thank You!"
Alex - New Lambton


Newcastle Massage Frequently Asked QuestionsDo I have to remove my clothes?

– For Relaxation and Therapeutic massage remove your clothes and bra leaving underwear on.

– For back massage remove upper clothing and bra leaving pants or trousers on.

– For Shiatsu and Reiki clothes are left on.

– For hydrating facial treatment remove upper clothing. Bra may be left on.
What should I wear?

– Loose, comfortable clothing
Will I be left covered in oil?

– Oil is used to allow the hands to work effectively on the skin and has therapeutic benefits for the skin. It is always rubbed off at the end of the treatment.
Who shouldn’t have Massage Therapy?

– Massage therapy is not recommended for anyone with an infectious skin disease, a rash, or an unhealed wound. It should be avoided immediately after surgery, if you have phlebitis or varicose veins, areas of bleeding or tissue damage, bruises, and recent bone fractures. Cancer patients should have a doctor’s referral before undertaking massage therapy.
Is massage a cure?

– As with any type of complementary medicine therapy, massage is not a cure for disease and you should continue to see your doctor regularly for check-ups, screenings, and treatment.

If the massage is painful to you, advise me so that I can adjust the treatment accordingly.

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